Ginori - Vecchio White Collection



CURRENTLY IN STOCK: Big Oval Platter, Salad Bowl, Flat Bread plate, Flat Dessert Plate, Flat Dinner Plate, Flat Charger Plate, Soup Plate, Pasta plate, Teacup and saucer, Teapot with cover, Small sugar bowl, Coffee Milk Jug, Salad Plate

The Story

An ancient art for timeless beauty. "Alla Sassone" (Saxon style) was how the relief motif which distinguishes the collection was defined. Vecchio Ginori is a collection in an eternal and sublime state of beauty. A magical art by the Master Craftsmen of the Doccia Manufactory, who in 1740 created a noble line, immune to changing trends. Illuminate your tables with a pure, white radiance like the beginning of a story yet to be told.

Squared Bowl: cm 20 x 20 in. 5 x 5

Salad Bowl: cm 25 in. 9 3/4

Flat Dinner Plate: cm 26 in. 10 1/4

Charger Plate: cm 31 in. 12

Flat Bread Plate: cm 17.5 in. 7

Flat Dessert Plate: cm 21.5 in. 8 1/2

Oval Flat Platter: cm 41.5 in. 16 1/4

Teapot with Cover: 6 LT 0.87 OZ 30 1/2

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